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Heavy haul truck

24/7 Roadside Assistance, Oversize Load Escort & More in Georgina

Fred’s 24 Hour Towing Inc is proud to be Georgina’s trusted source for:

24/7 Towing in Georgina

Based in Keswick, Fred’s 24 Hour Towing Inc has a solid reputation after 36 years of reliable towing, roadside assistance and specialized freight transport in the Georgina area. Our drivers get ongoing training, and our extensive fleet is updated regularly as technology evolves.

Move Cars, Trucks, Buses… Even Sheds

Our 9 tow trucks and trailers can get any job done, whether it’s hauling the family sedan or your exotic foreign car. Yes, we can haul commercial trucks and buses! We also handle small to mid-sized farm equipment such as tractors, and we’ll carry your motorcycle. Even your shed.

We’ll Get You Out of the Water

With our fully functional trucks, we commonly handle recoveries up to 150 feet and beyond. We can recover vehicles submerged in water, those that have rolled over – we can even remove equipment from sewers. When you need it done right, call Fred’s 24 Hour Towing Inc.

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